Oct 1 - Oct 31, 2020 | Online Exhibition

‘thou shadow’ by C. Fodoreanu

‘thou shadow’ by C. Fodoreanu

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Oct 1 - Oct 31, 2020
Online Exhibition

About The Event

Please join us in welcoming back C. Fodoreanu and his new work 'thou shadow' for an exclusive look at his most recent work.

'How far the leap? Over the sea, over the horizon? To keep it tight or to let disorder settle in as always? Pacing the blush of my heart, grain by grain, to the moon and back. The many steps towards the night, towards the sparkle in your eyes.

Every touch, every wind, every rock, every sand, one drop closer to thou shadow self.' - C. Fodoreanu

Born in Transylvania (Romania) into a family with a long tradition of icon painting, he started painting from early ages. He then inherently transitioned to using lens-based modalities to create his art, from photography and digital collages, to art/sound installations and video. His visual work pursues a poetry of light, and centers on exploring humans as they relate to their bodies, surrounding nature, personal boundaries, intimacy, play, fragility of life, social justice, fleetingness of time, and divine intervention. These themes are a consequence of his academic upbringing as a philosopher (University of California, San Diego) and physician (Harvard Medical School,) which affords him a unique position to observe and analyze the human nature on its spectrum, from its best to worst, and to subsequently transcend, personalize, and relate these understandings in spectacular, thoughtful works of art. Often, these projects are accompanied by soulful poems intermingled between the visual works.

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